lennon ono halloween inspo

alright, if no one else is going to say it: halloween ain’t easy for all us white/asian couples out there 🙄

so that’s why i’m here to give you a little inspo. because how silly does ken and barbie look on us? (c’mon, don’t get all offended over here- you know you look outrageous in that blonde wig). adam and i did a twist on john lennon and yoko ono for less than $50, and it was a hit.

first rule of thumb for halloween: get your inspo photo and stick to it — here was ours:


next, we sought out what we already had and what we needed. basically, we really had everything—

lennon: black turtleneck, black blazer, black jeans, worn black loafers (or adam’s 2000’s sneaks?)
oko: wide brimmed (black) hat, leather (or suede) jacket. cropped wide-leg jeans, patent leather boots

now, adam just needed glasses & slightly longer hair and i needed my “poster.”

we found the glasses & men’s wig at party city for a total of $24:

70s Heartthrob Wig $17

70s Heartthrob Wig $17

Hippie Glasses $7

Hippie Glasses $7

with the help of the internet, my poster took about 3 minutes to make. google: “war is over.”

and voila! john lennon & yoko ono. you’re welcome.

be a go-getter.


so. why did i start jay-elle.com?

a. for the love of everything beauty and fashion and
b. because I’m a go-getter.

nothing in life is free. hate to rain on your parade, but it’s absolutely true! if you want something, there is a value for it whether you realize it or not.

thus far, i’ve realized that my success depends on where i spend my time, focus, and energy. i’ve run a successful (spa) business in NYC for ten years, and not by having it handed to me on a silver platter:

i started as a technician, while multi-tasking as a manager. (started from the bottom now we’re here 🙄) i learned the business inside and out. after hurricane sandy, i rebuilt and reformed the business after we lost it all. i became my own HR, accountant, planner, handyman, and anything else you could think of. the seventy hour work weeks were paying off, and it just simply felt amazing to see the business grow.

after being fulfilled by the growth of the spa, i knew i was ready to move on to the next “dream.” i wanted to live the dream of having my own clothing boutique. i also wanted to live the dream of being a professional blogger. so i told myself, if i want it, i’m the only person who can make it happen. and here i am, investing in myself.

at the end of the day, it comes down to this: if you want something, you have to go and get it.

your dreams aren’t going to chase themselves, and God is most definitely not going to deliver them to you in a FedEx box.

go. get. it. (whatever it is!)

beyond borders


i’ve been beyond blessed to be able to travel over 15 countries (and counting!) around the world. opening your mind to new natures and breaking out of your comfort zone has taught me beyond what any education could have.

after a very stressful and grueling year at work, i left for a long vacation to croatia and italy. needless to say, it was amazing. for a week straight, my friends and i sailed the waters of croatia, adventuring from island to island. the following week, my sister and i rented a car from naples, italy and drove it along the coast, past the amalfi, down to calabria. from there, we crossed over to sicily on a ferry. it was magical.


at the end of this entire trip, all I could think to myself was how valuable and precious these experiences are.

traveling has opened my eyes to so many new wonders. i’ve learned things that books could have never taught me, i’ve seen what photos couldn’t do justice, and i’ve eaten extraordinary foods rare to me. i’m beyond excited to share all of my travels and experiences from them with you. follow along to see my upcoming posts of where i’ve been (and hopefully where i will go!) and my personal tips on what to do/see/eat. enjoy!