lennon ono halloween inspo

alright, if no one else is going to say it: halloween ain’t easy for all us white/asian couples out there 🙄

so that’s why i’m here to give you a little inspo. because how silly does ken and barbie look on us? (c’mon, don’t get all offended over here- you know you look outrageous in that blonde wig). adam and i did a twist on john lennon and yoko ono for less than $50, and it was a hit.

first rule of thumb for halloween: get your inspo photo and stick to it — here was ours:


next, we sought out what we already had and what we needed. basically, we really had everything—

lennon: black turtleneck, black blazer, black jeans, worn black loafers (or adam’s 2000’s sneaks?)
oko: wide brimmed (black) hat, leather (or suede) jacket. cropped wide-leg jeans, patent leather boots

now, adam just needed glasses & slightly longer hair and i needed my “poster.”

we found the glasses & men’s wig at party city for a total of $24:

70s Heartthrob Wig $17

70s Heartthrob Wig $17

Hippie Glasses $7

Hippie Glasses $7

with the help of the internet, my poster took about 3 minutes to make. google: “war is over.”

and voila! john lennon & yoko ono. you’re welcome.