entrepreneurial glam

so, you think you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?


my answer to you: of course you have what it takes, everyone does. you just have to put your mind to it. you can achieve anything you want, it all starts with believing in yourself. be your own cheerleader, and the best one while you’re at it. just remember, being an entrepreneur is not an all glitz + glam, easy breezy, and do-whatever-you-want job. it’s all the opposite, actually 😳 and i’m here to tell you like it is.

ten years of running my own brick and mortar was one of the hardest jobs in my life. every time i mentioned being a business owner, everyone would commend me and say that i was “so lucky.” let’s get one thing straight; taking on your own business and accepting all the risks and hardships that come with the title has very little or nothing to do with “luck.”

let’s refer to google’s dictionary to define luck:


in a world full of entrepreneurs, your success (or sorry, failure!), is much more likely caused by your actions than chance.

so be clear-minded and plan out your ideas and thoughts. don’t depend on “chance,” to determine your success. i learned this through my 10-year experience of owning a small business in NYC:

  1. know what you are selling, and know it very well*

  2. draw out and anticipate all scenarios possible;
    understand your risks and have an answer for every question that comes your way

  3. (wisely) allocate work— but do understand and accept that you are ultimately responsible

  4. obstacles will come your way, don’t be afraid to tackle them

  5. define your own success.

*side note on #1: if you are good at something, focus on that one thing and be the best at it. i’ve seen (and experienced) that if you try too many things at once, chances are you will lose focus all around. so do one thing, and be the best at it 🙌🏻

these pointers may be obvious, but are so easily forgotten or neglected.

my first few years taking on the business were extremely difficult. being my own boss didn’t mean making my own schedule and working whenever i wanted; it was actually quite the opposite. i wasn’t dilly-dallying and painting my nails a new color everyday. seriously, there is so much more going on behind the scenes. i was on call 24/7 (literally, when employees decided to call out for the next day and thought 3am was a good idea to let me know). i was my own accountant, hr, manager, buyer, handyman, and anything else you could possibly think of (except insurance broker, because you should always just hire a good insurance broker 😂). when something happened (hurricane sandy, for instance), i had jobs and dependents on the line and had to think quickly on my feet if i didn’t want everyone, myself included, to sink. i didn’t see the glam in any of that.

the glam of being an entrepreneur? being the measurer of your own success. you get to define what success is for yourself; there’s nothing more rewarding than this. sure- we measure a business’s success by its monetary success, but that’s only half of the deal. you see, sometimes we get so lost in “making money,” rather than finding joy in fulfilling your purpose. this is where “love what you do, and never work another day in your life,” comes into play. it’s only true, if you make it to be true. and that my friend, is what i call success. be good at what you do, love what you do, and deliver it the best way you know how to. then watch the fruit of your work grow.

i’ve watched my business grow, fall, and rise again. after ten years, i had found success and felt fulfillment in seeing what i had been able to accomplish. and now i’m eager to learn more, and am hungry for a new success, which is why i’ve started this shop & blog.

if you’re not sure about whether or not you’re prepared, take some time to gather your thoughts and ideas. get to more thinking and planning; seriously- prepare and set yourself up for success. (side note: i remember when my english teacher used to tell me: if you’re not proud of it, don’t submit it… well, real-life application here: if you’re not proud of doing it, don’t do it.)

being an entrepreneur is like being a student for the rest of your life. why? because you’re constantly learning, even when you don’t want to learn 🧐 and it’s totally okay that there will be times you are just not prepared for (because you know how life likes to throw us curve balls). you must be open-minded, and hungry to learn. because let’s be real, no one knows everything. and this world is constantly changing and evolving faster than we can wrap our heads around.

so, can you agree: owning a business and being an entrepreneur has a lot less to do with luck and a lot more with your choice in actions?



self-care is beyond taking care of your looks. it’s about taking care of yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically.

i get it, we all get so busy in our everyday lives that sometimes we forget to focus on ourselves.

don’t forget to take a minute everyday to check in with yourself, and make sure your self is doing just fine.

some of my favorite things to help me keep myself in check and leveled & some suggestions for you:

work out: not only is it great to feel good about yourself, but working out is a great way to destress (literally). working out increases the production of endorphins (you know, those things that help create “positive feelings”). In fact, healthline.com says that “exercise has been shown to improve your mood and decrease feelings of depression, anxiety and stress.” what’ya think about that?

travel: leave your comfort zone for a few days, and open your eyes to new wonders beyond your own borders. exposing yourself to new cultures and new ways of life can be life-changing. you don’t need to go far, just far enough to expose yourself to outside of your comfort zone.

spa therapy: hit the spa or have fun with a diy spa day. taking care of yourself physically, and making sure your appearance is where you want it to be is (obviously) important. though you might find this a bit “superficial,” it’s become our reality. if getting your nails done, or getting a a new hairdo makes you feel good on the outside and in, why not? get dolled up, who’s stopping you? or can’t make it to the spa? find out some of my favorite diy spa day ideas here.

read a book: books are full of useful information. sometimes reading a book (any kind!) can help you get to know yourself better. put yourself in the narrator’s shoes, and think about what you would do. or find inspiration and direction in books, like i did in jen sincero’s you are a badass.

keep a journal: if you’re not into reading someone else’s story, write your own! sometimes writing your thoughts and emotions down can be therapeutic. create lists of what you want to work on, or what you’ve already perfected. keeping a journal is also a great way to express your thoughts, concerns, experiences, and etc. without saying them aloud. go ahead, try it!

see a therapist: therapists are educated and licensed professionals who have a deep knowledge in and understanding of how our dynamic and brains work. therapists are also great listeners, they are there to help us when we need to express our thoughts and feelings in a judge-free zone. some might even see therapy as a laboratory— a place to practice, experience, or learn.

make time for your social life: we’re all busy, and we’ve all got life to do. but seriously, this one is crucial. don’t make work into life or death. make time to enjoy life and its happenings when you can. “all we have is time—” how do you interpret that? listen to your answer.

i hope that after you’ve read through this post, you are more open to the idea of “self-care,” and understand how extensive the term really is. how you interpret it and what you make of it is all that matters. #selfcaresunday?