in-flight beauty mask


have you ever wondered why you’re so damn thirsty on that plane? there’s an explanation.
low humidity = dehydration. for all of you travelers who know that by now and are looking for a quick solution, look no more (for your skin, at least).

if you want to read more about what in-flight effects are to your body, bustle has a great article here.


so how do you combat that humidity and dehydration? sheet masks!

dr. jart’s deep hydrating mask is uh-MAZING. In the last hour of my flight, i put this on and took a quick nap. when i awoke, the mask was about 80% dry. the packaging advises that you should only leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes, but i usually prefer to keep them on a bit longer. my skin soaked up all the the goodness from the mask, and i felt refreshed when i woke up. if you prefer to wash your face afterwards, cleanse with warm water. just don’t forget to spritz a little toner before actually leaving the plane— this will also help with any sticky feeling the mask might leave you with.

this mask has the ultimate hydrating factor. you’ll have to experience it firsthand to understand how refreshing it is. the size is also great in providing full coverage. you can find a standard 5-pack on amazon for $15 (link below):