hi there! welcome to jay elle.

i'm an entrepreneur currently based in the heart of nyc, with a focus in beauty and fashion. with my 10+ years in the beauty industry, i've been able to experiment and learn with so many amazing (and disappointing) elements. over the past few years, i've curated these posts through my business, travels, research, and of course... general everyday-being-a-human-being. 

the reason behind jay elle and its online shop is my immersed love for self-care. how you look can transform how you feel; i’ve seen in happen for over ten years. i am a firm believer that taking care of yourself is a key element to your health and happiness. so instead of you spending your time searching for the best ways to keep yourself looking and feeling good, i’ll do the research for you.

although they may, feel-good beauty and fashion don’t have to come with expensive price tags. it’s all about taking care of yourself by your own means. that’s why i’ve decided to choose quality over quantity in the items i decide to share with you, and that includes the products in our online shop. if you find that i share something with a hefty price tag, it’s probably because i think it’s worth it.

i’m excited that you’re here to explore all my beauty and fashion secrets- enjoy!